Dugong Cobra Features
High Striker Weight: 42g Length: 104mm Rated to: 80lb

Take your fishing to the highest level with the Cobra High Striker – a 104mm surface paddler that has proven ideal at catching Murray Cod. The pearl is a very effective color and is easier to see if fishing at night. The specially designed bib also allows this lure to be worked effectively as a stick bait to catch Barramundi.

First and last light are prime times for this explosive lure. Fitted with aircraft grade aluminum bib and No.1 hooks this lure can handle fish to 80lb.

Ideal for:(but not limited to) Large Murray Cod and Bass. Doubles as a stickbait for Barramundi.

Available in:

Dugong Cobra Black Opal

Black Opal

Dugong Cobra Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

Dugong Cobra Pearl


Dugong Cobra Green Emerald

Green Emerald

Recent catches on the Dugong Cobra

Catching a 47cm Murray Cod on a Dugong Cobra