Dugong Shallow Diver
Dives: 3 metres Weight: 29g Length: 142mm Rated to: 60lb

Diving to 3 metres this long narrow lure has a tight wobble, medium sway and is ideal casting or trolling to catch Barramundi. The Barra Javelin is fitted with stainless steel wire through the body, aircraft grade aluminum bib, double screwed for maximum strength. The specially designed long bib makes this lure dive quickly to access prime snags holding big Barra. Hardwood construction to maximize strength and depth, fitted with No.2 hooks used to target fish to 60lb.

Ideal for:(but not limited to) Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Threadfin and Trevally.

Available in:

Dugong Barra Javelin Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

Dugong Barra Javelin Green Emerald

Green Emerald

Dugong Barra Javelin Pearl


Dugong Barra Javelin Black Opal

Black Opal

Recent catches on the Dugong Barra Javelin

58cm Barramundi on a Dugong Barra Javelin
Caught on a Dugong Barra Javelin