About us

Dugong Lures are internationally patented wooden lures designed in Australia.  Every feature of this ingenious lure has been designed with absolute attention to detail.

Having traveled the length and breadth of not only Australia but the world, we have thoughtfully considered leading fisherman’s requirements when developing this comprehensive range of original wooden lures. Which covers casting, surface fishing and trolling in both fresh and salt water.

Our lures are custom built in our precision engineered factory on the Sunshine Coast.  Our dedicated young team is inspiring a new generation of fisherman to go back to the roots of traditional lure making from wood and breathing life back into a lost trade by the use of new innovative technologies.

Dugong Lures have become somewhat of a collector’s item.  Paul Worsteling of ifish as well as numerous lure collectors, most notably Barry Cross (who is known to be the leading lure collector in Australia) have taken a keen interest and have purchased several sets of lures.

Thanks to Dugong Lures plenty of personal records have been broken and competitions have been won. We hope you will also enjoy great success with these lures.